15 Must Have WordPress Plugins When people ask me what my “must-have” plugins are, I often explain that it totally depends on what kind of site I’m building. Every kind of site needs a different set of plugins. That said, I have an easier time answering the question for bloggers, since I’ve been blogging (almost) daily for over 2.5 years. So here is the set of 15 WordPress plugins you need. They’re the ones I have installed on my own blog and the ones I recommend to you. (Note: some of these links are affiliate links which means if you purchase some of these, I’ll get a small percentage of the sale – but it won’t change your price. Mind you, I’m only discussing plugins I use on my own site.) Optimizing Your Posts When you sit down to write, it’s because you have something to say. But that doesn’t matter if Google never finds it, or if it takes forever to load. If you write to generate revenue, you need a way to present an offer that makes sense. That’s why these first ones are all about optimizing your posts. I use Kraken.io because I like to shout, “Release the Kraken” – but it’s more than that. I use Kraken because it lets me upload a photo to my blog without worrying about anything
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