WordPress custom fields are one of the reasons that it is such a great choice when you need a customizable content management system. Showing these fields in the front-end, in the right place, with the right HTML markup generally requires customizing your theme, and writing custom PHP code. With Caldera Metaplate, you can create templates, from the WordPress admin, for each post type in your site. It works with most themes, and custom fields plugins. With a simple, yet powerful templating system powered by the PHP port of the popular Handlebars templating system, integrating your custom fields couldn’t be easier! See It In Action Simple Templating For Pods, Advanced Custom Fields & More So far, we have tested Caldera Metaplate with custom fields managed by Advanced Custom Fields, Custom Field Suite, Pods and even the WordPress custom fields UI. It should work with any custom field. Caldera Metaplates can be set to go before after or in place of the post content for any post type, including the built in post types and custom post types. This works with most any theme, using the_content filter, and can be configured easily via the Metaplate admin page. What About Loop & Repeater Fields?
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