For what it’s worth, a WordPress website can be very vulnerable to security attacks. And that is a fact proven beyond any shred of doubt. Even while WordPress boasts of a feature set that is truly unparalleled, the hacking geniuses out there always manage to come up with a plan in the form of a piece of code that compromises a site’s security and leaves it exposed to attacks. While there are also reasons like outdated core files and bad plugins that contribute to this lack of security, the sophistication of hackers’ tools and technologies has meant that even the most conceived loopholes are exposed and exploited. So, how do you keep the bad guys away? How do you make sure your website runs in a secure environment? How do you make sure you don’t wake up everyday, stricken with fear that your website might as well have fallen in the wrong hands? Well, to begin with, you keep your website updated. But that’s only an elementary step. There is much more you can do, and WordPress security plugins do form an important part of this strategy: All in one WP security and Firewall Easily the most famed WordPress security plugin All in one WP security and Firewall makes to the list purely on reputation.
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