Have you ever wanted to add a filterable portfolio to your personal site to showcase your content? In this post, we’re going to include simple scripts for you to add to your existing theme to help make it easy to add a filterable portfolio to your project. Tools you’ll need: WordPress, installed and ready to go Jetpack by WordPress.com plugin installed and activated Isotope for filtering Notes on Isotope: The great thing about Isotope is that it is GPL licensed for Open Source projects. However, if your site is a commercial project, I would highly recommend purchasing a commercial license. This will help the developer to continue to support Isotope. Step 1: The first thing we need to do is setup Jetpack and enable the ‘Portfolio Custom Content Type’. To do this, while in your WordPress dashboard, go to Jetpack > Settings and activate the ‘Custom Content Type’ module. Next, we need to make sure your theme supports the Portfolio Custom Content Type. To do this, we need to add the following code to your theme, during after_setup_theme: add_theme_support( 'jetpack-portfolio' ); Once that is added, you’ll see that a new menu item has been added to your WordPress dashboard: Step 2: We’ll
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