Last June, VersionPress went through a crowd-funding campaign and it was a very interesting experience. I’ve long wanted to blog about it because I believe that crowd-funding is a great option for WordPress plugin developers and software projects in general. There have been some external analyses of our campaign, most notably this one on WP Tavern, but there’s nothing quite like going through it all yourself. I’d like to share my personal experience and add some data from the campaign to the mix. Basic facts Our campaign ran from 10th to 30th June 2014 The goal was $30,000 We raised about $13,500 Looking at these numbers alone it seems that the campaign was not successful but it’s hard to see it that way after spending the last few months working hard on VersionPress What I’ve learnt is that it’s tricky to judge the campaign only by looking at the numbers. For example, there has been a campaign for Pods Framework 2.0 back in 2011, receiving almost 300% of the funding asked, but in this “Crowd-funding Roudtable” podcast episode you can hear how things were much more complicated for the framework author. (By the way, that episode is one of the best resources on crowd-funding in the world
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