Being able to take a WordPress theme and customize it beyond the theme settings available has often been the downfall for many people who don’t know how to manipulate code but want to change the look and feel of their theme. To answer their plea for help, many developers have stepped up to the plate and created great products to make it easier to build and customize a WordPress themes for the average user. One such product that has found its way to the surface is CSS Hero — a plugin that makes CSS coding as easy as point and click. If you’ve been looking for a way to change the look of your theme, but you don’t have the time to learn CSS or the budget to hire a designer, then CSS Hero may just be the virtual hero you’ve been waiting for. But is really as amazing as it sounds? Let’s see. CSS Hero Test Drive As a web designer, I work mainly with the popular Genesis Framework. For as great and powerful as this theme is, it’s pretty hard for the average WordPress user to take the framework and child themes and create something entirely unique since you have to be able to code in order to change colors, fonts, font color and more. However, when I first used CSS Hero, the ease of theme manipulation
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