These days everyone is talking about following best practices, established standards, and just doing it right. This is undeniably great, but does your company have a clear definition of what any of this means? I ask because documenting this information can create a valuable resource for your employees and contractors to learn from—all while establishing a company-wide standard. More importantly, however, it creates a way to offer the most constructive type of feedback to those who are not doing it right. Instead of telling them they are flat out wrong, you can direct them to where it says how to do it right. Establishing best practices for a WordPress development agency (of any kind) can also be part of creating standard operating procedures (SOP). Having an established set of SOPs not only creates consistency and helps to further refine expectations, but it also eases the on-boarding process of new employees, as your institutional memory is recorded. Like programming, there is no reason to reinvent the wheel—your best practices can be linked to documents. In this article, I will discuss where to find the best documents to help construct your best practices, what they should include,
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