I used to really dread writing headlines for blog posts, and was really bad at it. I lacked the right tools for the job and was lost on how to improve. What I didn’t know is that just like making plugins, there are tools that when used right can improve what you create. I did a little reading, found a few good tools and since then I’ve seen really positive results in terms of shares, traffics and leads. Last week I wrote about content marketing using WordPress. Content marketing is a great strategy that works by providing something of value — the content — for free. That investment is worth it when the people who need that content are the same people who need your products or services. But great, well targeted content is meaningless if no one ever reads it. That battle isn’t just about getting links to your content in front of the right people, via social media, or SEO, but making sure you have the right title to motivate people to click on and share your content. Your titles need to be not just descriptive, but trigger an emotional response that will get readers hooked before they read another line. Just don’t forget that the difference between a quality clickable link and link bait
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