WordPress.com is a good blogging platform to start your career with, but over the time when your realise the true potential of blogging for yourself, for your business or for making money, you definitely want to move your WordPress.com blog to self hosted WordPress (WordPress.org). This is a detailed guide for you to move your free WordPress blog to your own hosting. If WordPress.org and WordPress.com terminology is confusing you, you should read my earlier guide on difference between WordPress.com and WordPress.org (Self hosted WordPress). Now, since you and me are on the same page, it’s time for you to take that big decision which you wanted to make it for long, and migrate your WordPress.com blog to your own hosting and remove all the restrictions which you had to face on free WordPress platform. In this guide, I will share exact steps you need to take to migrate WordPress.com blog to your hosting and make the migration search engine friendly. By search engine friendly I meant, you should not lose any traffic and more over, all your earlier links (See backlinks) should remain intact. (Will talk about that later in this article) Moving From WordPress.com to Self hosted WordPress:
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