You’ve chosen to freelance, to blaze your own path free from the shackles of a windowless cube, a schedule, a commute, and maybe a less-than-stellar work environment. Maybe you were burnt out from being used and abused at an agency. Maybe you were tired of being left out of the strategy talks and only brought in to make the final idea “pretty.” Maybe you had big ideas, but felt stifled, and wanted an opportunity to make a bigger impact. Regardless of the reason, you made the leap, went into business for yourself, and are freelancing. You’re working at home in your web design pants — that’s what we call yoga pants for those of us who don’t do yoga — or even your pajamas, and things are good. You’re alone most of the day, and that’s a nice change. At first you relish in the quiet solitude, but then you start to notice you’re alone A LOT. Now because you’re human, you have an innate need for connection, for bonds with other humans. You need to know that other people care about you. You need to know you have friends, to know you are liked, to feel accepted, all because these things help you feel good about yourself. You feel more confident, validated even, and happier when you feel liked,
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