View these slides at:! Slideshow Controls: Use Left Arrow & Right Arrow. Hit "M" to view all slides. …not an Accessibility Expert. Just a guy who makes websites What is Accessibility? Web accessibility is a subset of [user experience] focused on making your websites usable by the widest range of people possible, including those who have disabilities. — "MYTH: Accessibility is 'blind people'," See also: "Reframing Accessibility for the Web" We all benefit from accessible spaces and interfaces. People with limited mobility & people with a bad touchpad People with low vision & people with glare on their screens People who use browser zoom for all reasons. EVERYONE! There is no "them." A good website IS an accessible website. Benefits of Accessibility Accessibility for Developers Common issues and techniques: Text alternatives (images, icons, etc.) Keyboard navigation (:focus, skip links) Clear labeling (form labels, buttons, unique links) Source order, heading structure, & ARIA landmarks (i.e. role="_____") Code Examples So much to say and so little time! Focus on quick wins Multiple applications of one basic technique Screen Reader Text
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