I enjoy experimenting with my workflow. One day last week I woke up at 4am and worked till 10am to get a “full day of work” done before my family had lunch with my dad. It was a productive day and getting things done early helped me not be anxious during our lunch. It’s not something that I’ll keep up for the long haul since I was very tired come mid-afternoon. Goals checkup I previously wrote about doing monthly goals instead of annual goals. Last Saturday I reviewed my February goals. I found a few things: My revenue was less than half my goal (ouch!) I want to produce more content because it’s a great marketing tool I have trouble focusing on the most important thing to do during a day Number #3 was killer and I often ended the day anxious about not getting enough things or the right things done. The demands of bootstrapping a plugin marketplace while doing client work and making progress on other side projects can make for a jumbled brain. I decided to try a new experiment with my work time to see if I can increase productivity while decreasing anxiety. Inspiration for a new experiment I already check email only a few times per day as mentioned by Syed Balkhi in his post ‘5 Productivity
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