Here at CalderaWP, we are huge fans of , an amazing tool for creating faceted search interfaces on your WordPress site. We love it so much, we decided to make it more awesome. Our new tool Clarity for FacetWP simplifies and extends the FacetWP admin. With Clarity, you never need to write a single line of PHP code to create FacetWP queries or to create a template for FacetWP search results. But Clarity doesn’t stop there. Clarity adds a powerful responsive layout builder. With the layout builder, you can put together a complete layout comprised of facets, result templates, facet utilities (order, count and pagination) as well as static HTML content. You can output your layouts with a shortcode or even use them as page templates! Don’t Have FacetWP? Get A Special Discount! To celebrate the release of Clarity for FacetWP, you can now get 10% off of FacetWP when you purchase Clarity. This deal is good for one week only, so don’t wait!
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