WordPress 4.1.1 Released, Fixes 21 Bugs WordPress 4.1 is a big success, and at the time of writing it’s been downloaded more than 23 million times. That being said, in with the new … WordPress 4.1.1 is now available. This maintenance release fixes 21 bugs in version 4.1. One of the bugs fixed is an issue with tag and category names. If you had a tag and a category of the same name, things could get muddled. This is solved in the new 4.1.1. If your site is configured to receive automatic updates, you should already have the new release installed. Otherwise, visit your Dashboard and the Updates section. WPMU DEV introduces Upfront The WPMU DEV team created a completely customizable WordPress theme, which makes editing your site’s appearance even easier than it used to be. What’s new here is a unique approach at customizing and running the site. You can perform all operations from the front-end, rather than from the Dashboard. Hence the name “Upfront.” Upfront comes with text, image, gallery, code and widget elements, that you can easily experiment with until you find the nicest combination for your site. You can use any kind of background, create your own website structure and menu sections.
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