When Topher contacted me about HeroPress project, he didn’t sound confident about me. He asked what I am passionate about, and what I want (no, MUST) tell others. I thought — “I had a moment like that, let me tell him something”. Here I am. Let me tell you something. Six years in two words I was never good at having and showing fealty to something. My favorite shirts have no logos on them. There are no stickers on my laptop. My Twitter bio made no mention of WordPress. I failed to put my relationship with WordPress into words with clarity and precision. At time I doubted there was a relationship at all. At other times I doubted if there should be. Until one day I could. What my Twitter bio now says is “WordPress atheist”. I am faithless pragmatist in community of idealists, that is my place and role. Let me tell you how I got here. Tinkering In 2008 I wanted a blog. I mean I had a personal hosted blog already, but now I wanted a serious one. To explore, tinker, practice my English, and see where it could take me. I settled on WordPress as an easy to install option. Built with popular PHP programming language. It is of some surprise to people that I still see WordPress like that — a
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