When I was in college, I was working at a small ad agency as a designer, gaining valuable real-world experience. But I knew I also needed to do internships to build my resume and expand my knowledge of the industry I was so excited to build a career in. But there weren’t a lot of internships, they were hard to get, and well, you needed to have an “in.” So I asked around, did my homework, and created opportunities to be around and meet people who offered internships. By the time I graduated, I had completed five internships. When I first ventured out on my own, I knew I needed clients to survive. Without clients I would have no income, and without income, we’d be in trouble. The first thing I did was reach out to everyone I knew that worked in industries or at companies that hired and worked with freelancers and I asked them to hook me up. I asked for an interaction to be made to the person who hires freelancers, and then I asked for a meeting. Soon my business was overflowing with clients. Later when I wanted to up level and shift my client base, I knew I needed to surround myself with these types of clients and put myself in the rooms where these clients were. I asked around, found
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