I’ve written before about the importance of web accessibility. Making your website as accessible as possible will allow your website’s message to reach more people. This is especially important if you are selling something! This article will focus on WordPress accessibility. Accessible WordPress themes Ideally, all WordPress site owners would be using an accessible theme. Web developer Morten Rand-Hendriksen certainly thinks so – you can read his thoughts on accessible themes. There are now a number of themes in the WordPress theme repository which are tagged as accessibility-ready, meaning that they have been reviewed by WordPress accessibility experts and have met certain accessibility standards. I intend to review some of these themes in a future post. However, not everyone will want to or be able to use an accessible theme. So today I will focus on plugins to improve your WordPress site’s accessibility. These plugins will work with any theme. Searching for WordPress accessibility plugins I looked for plugins tagged accessible or accessibility. I discounted plugins which hadn’t been updated for 2 years or more, or had mainly bad reviews. I also discounted ones which required specific
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