Every year Frito-Lay pulls in billions of dollars from sales of its flagship assortment of potato chips, including Fritos, Cheetos, Doritos, Tostitos, and Ruffles. Behind all of these crunchy snacks is a busy hive of designers and project managers who require a robust system for working together on creative projects. Last year, Frito-Lay approached Lift, a WordPress design and development agency, to create a custom project management/proofing app for its creative team. Lift opted to build the app using WordPress as a base. The result is a completely customized admin experience tailored to fit Frito-Lay’s workflow like a glove. Under the Hood of the App The project management app melds a collection of plugins with an accompanying theme to deliver the necessary user roles, custom fields, notifications/updates, and upload management. “We created a custom theme that includes modifications to the WordPress admin and force redirects users to sign in if they attempt to visit a page that typically would appear on the front-end,” Lift Partner Chris Wallace said. His team used a number of plugins to customize the admin, including: Advanced Custom Fields by Elliot Condon Members by Justin Tadlock
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