Everyone has an opinion If you step up to a group of WordPress developers at a WordCamp, and bring up the topic of Divi or Page Builders, the conversation can go one way or another. If they’re end users, they may tell you how much they like it. If they’re developers, they may tell you how much they don’t like it. What I’m sure about is this – no one will have a neutral opinion. And if you’re a product person like me, you know that’s exactly the space you want to step into. A spot where people either love or hate you, but can’t ignore you. Don’t confuse the vehicle with the destination The other day I highlighted that it’s really easy to get confused and start focusing on the mechanism, the distribution engine (if you will), that a company uses to get their message out. That message – when it connects with an audience – is it’s goal. That’s its destination. The web, and a company’s website, is a vehicle for communicating its message. It used to be a yellow pages ad. It might one day be a mobile app. I don’t know. What I know is that the destination won’t change. Companies still want their message out there. And they want to stand apart from others. And they want to look good. Wix, Weebly,
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