If you are offering a product or service, or you just want to create a helpful resource for your readers, adding a knowledge base to your website has many benefits. A successfully implemented and managed knowledge base can not only reduce your support costs, but also empower your customers and clients to help themselves. By creating an active and regularly updated online knowledge base, you can also give your target audience a reason to keep coming back to your website. This then gives you a way to inform them of your latest products and services. If the idea of creating an online knowledge base to support your customers and community, while also reducing the time and money you spend on support sounds appealing, then this review and guide to using the Heroic Knowledge Base plugin is essential reading. Heroic Knowledge Base Plugin: Features The Heroic Knowledge Base plugin has been built to work alongside any WordPress theme. This is great as it gives you the ability to either build a dedicated knowledge base website, or simply add this feature to your existing WordPress website. Before we look at the key features in detail, some of the highlights of this WordPress knowledge base plugin
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