We’ve spent the last weeks looking at everything we know and planned for HeroPress. Why we’re doing it, for whom, how, etc., and we’ve made some changes. Audience Our original audience was WordPress developers and users struggling to interact across cultural and linguistic barriers between the stereotypical Western and non-Western worlds. We realized those same barriers exist in far more places. There are people in New York, London, Berlin, and every other place in the world who similarly have NO idea how to move from where they are in life to someplace better. Our contributor-to-audience relationship is the same as before. Contributors are addressing a specific problem they overcame, talking to people similar to them. The difference is that now we’re not limiting “the fringe” to specific geographic or cultural areas. We’re inviting contributors from places like St. Louis Missouri, San Diego California, and everywhere else in the world to speak to their peers. Product We were originally going to release videos with translation. We realized two problems with this. Cost Hiring professional videographers in every location was going to be very expensive. Additional costs came from transcribing
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