Life has a funny way of introducing you to a perfect stranger, forming that into a strong bond, and then ripping it away from you at the blink of an eye. Last night, I learned of the passing of my friend Clint Warren a month ago to this day. Still beside myself of the news, I’m pressing publish in honor of his spirit. The hardest part of this was not knowing of Clint’s passing until a month after it happened. I feel a deep disrespect for not honoring his passing when it happened. But what could I do? This is the new world we live in. A world where you make connections via tweets, hangouts, and e-mails. There is no alert when a tragedy like this happens. We just deal with it. It’s cruel, isn’t it? I had the pleasure of knowing Clint over the last year and a half through our private mastermind group, the WordPress community, and as a guest here on the show. We shared many private conversations about success and the hard work it takes to achieve it. He reminded me about how to stay in the moment — something we both struggled with. Making sure that if I truly wanted to reach my goals, I needed to be present and live within each step. Wether it was a business goal or a fitness goal, Clint
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