enables anyone to create and share powerful stories. Just launched as an iOS and Android app, the website that provides the app infrastructure is built on WordPress, utilizing the WordPress REST API. Here’s how came to be. StoryCorps is an organization that aims “to provide people of all backgrounds and beliefs with the opportunity to record, share and preserve the stories of our lives.” Featured stories are broadcast nationally on NPR. StoryCorps has published more than 50,000 interviews with almost 100,000 participants since they launched in 2003. A small to mid-size non-profit organization, StoryCorp’s interviews are logged in the Library of Congress, and over the years they have created new and ingenious ways to enable storytelling. There are recording booths in a number of cities throughout the country where anyone can go and record an interview or story. The first was in Grand Central Station, though it’s since shut down due to budget issues. However, booths are open in Atlanta, San Francisco, and Chicago where anyone can make a reservation to record. They also have an Airstream trailer that travels the country and records interviews all over the place.
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