The implementation of hreflang attributes in a WordPress website can be a complicated process without a specific plugin. In this post I show you how to add hreflang tags in WordPress using translation plugins and specific plugins. 1. What are hreflang attributes? In 2010 Google introduced new SEO attributes for multilingual sites: rel=”alternate” and hreflang=”x”. Google uses these attributes to serve the correct language in search results. Example of hreflang in header: In Google Webmasters Tools you can check if your hreflang tags have been indexed correctly. Go to Search Traffic > International Targeting > Language: You can insert hreflang tags in one of three ways: HTML link in header. The most common way. Sitemap. You can submit language version information in a Sitemap (Article: How To Make Sitemaps In Multiple Languages With WordPress) HTTP header (if you publish non-HTML files like PDFs) 2. How can you add hreflang tags in WordPress? 2.1. Using translation plugins WordPress SEO by Yoast does not allow you to add hreflang tags, but some translation plugins can automatically add these attributes in your website as an HTML link. For example, if you’re using WPML (premium plugin),
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