R unning a successful WordPress business can be difficult and there are so many challenges you have to face. Whether you are a plugin or a theme developer or you are managing a bunch of e-commerce sites, you know the drill. You have to deliver the results to your clients, you have to always stay focused on marketing and enhancements of your business, and you also have to provide support to your existing clients. Customer Service often gets the connotation of a necessary evil of every online business but it is actually its backbone! Not only does it keep your existing customers but it also brings new ones with each interaction with the clients. No matter how much money you spend on advertising, it’s not worth it unless you’ve got an excellent Customer Service team to back it up. Word of mouth (today also known as the word of mouse) gets easily overlooked by the company’s CEO but it’s actually the most important part of every business these days and as I mentioned in my last post, your Customer Service team is the first line of defense and their actions provide a positive or negative influence to your business, more than any marketing campaign you wish to finance. You can’t make everybody
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