Share this post: 39 1 31 1 Handling email list subscriptions is one of the first priorities when it comes to building a new website on WordPress. If you run a business building websites for other companies you should really preach this and implement some sort of email list building module for your customers. I’ve used a few email subscription form plugins in the past and they vary in quality, but I recently wanted to try out the Plugmatter plugin to see if it’s any good. The Plugmatter plugin is rather new, but it seems to help those who have used it so far. A Plugmatter Plugin Review I’m not sure how they calculated the 200% increase in subscribers to your email list, but it seems like this could definitely work if implemented correctly. In fact, after testing out so many other optin forms I would have to say this is one of my favorite options, considering the setup is so quick and the design moves around well in terms of responsiveness. Pricing Advantages OptinSkin is one of the top optin boxes out there, since you can move the thing around just about anywhere on your site and the skin modification options are superior to just about anything on the market. That said, Plugmatter has
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