It has happened to all of us at one point or another: You click “update” on your live site’s plugins…and then the screen goes white. You did not touch any code; all you did was click one button! Way to go. You killed your WordPress website. If it is that easy to break your website without touching code, you might be able to imagine how dangerous using the built-in editor on your theme or plugins, or editing code directly through FTP can be (and that you should avoid it at all costs). Whether you are editing custom code on your site, or even just updating plugins, if you want to ensure everything is going to work properly, you must test everything in a staging or development version of your website first. Here’s how to do it–and do it right: The Easy Way Most of the modern managed WordPress hosts out there today, like WPEngine, offer one click staging environments. From your WordPress dashboard or hosting account, you can simply click a button and they will auto-magically copy your live site and create a sandbox environment where you can test your code/updates without the fear of breaking anything too important. Doing it Manually Sometimes due to custom requirements, price or any number
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