Many... || Many organizations–from companies, to non-profits, to loose collaborations, and more–need a digital space to themselves that is private. Somewhere they can post messages, status updates, or anything else they feel is necessary to keep them all on the same page and moving forward. Many organizations choose to use what is called an intranet (or extranet) to accomplish this task. In today’s post, I’ll be going over how you can create both with WordPress. What is an Intranet (or Extranet)? An intranet is a computer network that uses internet protocol technology to create an internal network for members of an organization to share information. Or in other words, it’s sort of like a private internet for a group or company that lives on a local server. Similarly, an Extranet is the same thing only it lives in the cloud and is usually used when the group or organization in question is distributed and cannot easily access the same local server. Why Use WordPress for an Intranet? A lot of times having an intranet is about having easy to access documentation, announcements, and training materials. All of which can be easily accomplished with even the barest bones WordPress blogging
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