Nowadays it’s considered fairly standard practice for every company to have a blog, but that doesn’t mean they’re always doing it well. We’ve all seen them–the company blogs that bore, that shove their product down your throat, that spread misinformation or otherwise misrepresent the company in the worst ways (unprofessionally, awkwardly, insufficiently!). Content marketing is an amazing tool to utilize when promoting the work that you (and your team) do, but there is a way to do it right–and doing it right is absolutely vital. Chris Lema recently gave us a very kind shout out for having a fantastic company blog, and we thought that it might be useful to share a little bit on how and why we create what we do. This is hardly comprehensive; there are a million ways to come up with valuable, worthwhile content, and, of course, it will vary wildly depending on your industry, but here are a few starting points and general strategies that we use here at WebDevStudios. Know Your Audience A fundamental element of any quality marketing strategy is knowing who your clients are (and who you want your clients to be). If your demographic is primarily dads who love tech news and work from home, blog
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