Have you ever wanted to install WordPress locally on your computer? But found it too difficult and complicated! Here’s a neat solution! Let me put this way. Check out this tutorial and you’ll learn how to install WordPress locally under 10 minutes using the excellent tool DesktopServer. A test environment is a must for a WordPress developer, designer, or website owner if you want to test themes, plugins, codes, or write tutorials like this one! DesktopServer is a single integrated tool from ServerPress that is available in both a free and a premium version. In today’s article, I give the free version a test run, and it’s perfectly adequate for my purposes. You can create three virtual host servers while in the paid version there are unlimited site creations. You can compare features between versions in the comparison matrix. But three virtual websites work perfectly. If you need more, then you can consider purchase the premium version. DesktopServer allows you to quickly create local development sites. You don’t not need to be connected to the internet to be able to work on your projects. Within minutes, you can fire up your first virtual server to try out new WordPress themes, test
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