In the last few years, WordPress has become the most popular CMS platform, on which 23% of all published websites are built. With this level of popularity, the number of businesses within the WordPress ecosystem continues to grow and we are seeing plenty of WordPress Premium product providers. Many of these companies are top quality providers with a large number of people that use their products or services (themes, plugins, hosting etc.). Why is Customer Support So Important? Customer support represents the most important link between a company and its users because it’s where they come into direct contact with each other. Customers need someone to help them solve issues. They are struggling for help in a river of technical issues or confusion, and customer support is the bridge that helps them get safely to the other side where they feel happy and satisfied with your product. Smart companies that realize the importance of keeping customers’ happiness at a high level, and who care about their customers, are looking to employ the best candidates for support positions. They are right to do this. Providing top quality customer support makes the difference in whether customers have a positive
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