Did you know that WordPress automatically generates multiple archive URLs for your website? While it may be useful in some cases, it may also hurt your SEO by generating duplicated content and unnecessary pages. Luckily, there is a quick and easy solution. Why remove (or keep) archives in WordPress? By default, WordPress will generate the following archives: Category archives Tag archives Author Archives Date archives Post format archives (if your WordPress theme supports it) Search archives (search results page) Category archives If you have don’t have any categories on your website, all posts will automatically go to “Uncategorized” category and you will still have something like http://yourwebsite.com/category/uncategorized URL which is actually displaying the same content as your home or blog page. Meaningless! Of course, categories are sometimes crucial part of your WordPress websites and can be very useful. You can read more in this article about good SEO practice of using categories and tags on your WordPress website. Tag archives Sometimes people use a lot of “generic” tags which doesn’t make sense from a point of SEO, but can be rather useful to connect posts in a good way
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