Following in the heals of last week’s article on Google Calendar, I wanted to give you some resources for scheduling your clients for private one-on-one sessions, either in person or on the phone. Scheduling an appointment via email or phone could be very time-consuming with lots of going back and forth to find the best time to work for both parties. Furthermore, if you offer services that require your customers to make an appointment in advance (like consultations or in person healing services ), it’s critical that you offer a way for your website visitors to do so quickly and smoothly. There are two main methods of taking appointments online if you have a WordPress site: Use a scheduling/appointment plugin, and take appointments right on your site. Sign up for an online scheduling/appointment tool, and simply include a link on your website to the appointment page that you get from that service. I personally like the online scheduling tool, Timetrade, for my private consultations because it integrates with Google Calendar. (There is a free version as well as paid versions of it.) But there are (of course) many WordPress plugins that might work well for you, too. I’ve listed 3 options
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