So you’ve found a website you like the look of and fancy creating one that looks the same (or at least similar)? Well, first things first, you’ll want to check whether or not the site you’re looking at runs on WordPress — if it does, that’s a good sign, because the vast majority of sites built with WordPress tend to use ready-made off-the-shelf designs. Assuming the site you’ve found is indeed running WordPress, the next thing to do is to try and find out which theme the site uses — and to hope that the site’s design is actually based on either a freely-available or purchasable theme*. Let’s take a look at how to find out which WordPress theme a site uses and how to find the exact same theme online, in order to use it on your own website… Finding the name of the theme A quick-and-easy win: It’s always worth a quick look in the footer of the website on the off chance that the theme author has included the name of their theme and/or a link to their own website in the footer of their design, just in case it’s still there — if so: hurrah! Easy win! Sadly however, nine times out of ten it’s not this easy… (click to enlarge) Nothing in the footer? No problem: let’s move on: Checking the code:
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