Today’s an exciting day! I just adopted a great plugin from the plugin repository, . This plugin makes it possible for non-profits to accept donations via PayPal in any WordPress website (except for The original developer, Allen Snook, works at Automattic and has had to move onto other priorities, but this plugin has tens of thousands of users at non-profits who count on its continued operation. Since I’ve been doing a lot of pro-bono work with non-profits and I’ve been enjoying doing more and more coding again, it has been my privilege to be able to take over the project from Allen and continue his great work. What’s your roadmap, bucko? In terms of a roadmap, it’s important to understand that I’m not going to issue any code changes until I’ve spent a good amount of time coming up to speed on the code of this plugin. I also know that there are some users who have been very concerned that unplanned updates have hammered on their custom-hacked extensions. Once I have a good feel for the code, have gone through and responded or closed all of the open support questions, and have a good feel for the state of the plugin, my first addition will be to add hooks
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