As a WordPress site owner, you may use your site to send emails for a variety of reasons. Whether your site is running a contact form, product sales, or event signups, it is important that your emails make it to their intended inbox and don’t end up in the dreaded spam folder. Lucky for us, MailChimp has a free tool to help with that exact need. The Problem with WordPress Email Almost all WordPress developers have run into problems with email delivery at one point or another. My first encounter happened a few years ago when I was building a blog carnival submission system, and certain international email providers were blocking the messages from landing where they needed to go, making my entire submission process useless about half the time. My next encounter with email delivery issues came from my project Denver Flash Mob. I used an events plugin to create a full featured event posting and signup system, and each signup generates two messages. Thanks to the volume of emails going from my (shared) web server’s IP address to Gmail, all messages pointed to Gmail addresses were being pointed to spam. Along the way, I learned that getting those emails to the inbox can be a bit of a challenge,
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