Today I am very happy to introduce a new member of the Cohhe theme family: Longfrom. The team at Cohhe spent a long time creating this premium quality (FREE) WordPress theme specifically for those who want to use WordPress to tell beautiful longform stories. As far as we are aware, this is the only free theme designed to be fully compatible with the Aesop Story Engine plugin. It includes beautiful styles for all Aesop story components right out of the box; no code snippets or extra configuration required. The Goal of Longform: To Open the Storytelling Floodgates When deciding which type of free theme to create next the Cohhe team looked at the WordPress community to find niches that were being underserved. One that seemed to stand out from the rest was storytelling. Storytelling with WordPress has been a growing niche for a few years now. Growing in interest, but not really blowing up as many, myself included, had thought it might by now. Why? Well, no one can say for sure, but certainly the lack of affordable tools has to be a significant factor. Currently, the Aesop Story Engine plugin is probably the best tool for telling longform stories with WordPress. And it’s free! Woohoo! It’s
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