This post was contributed by guest author Peter Suhm. Peter is a web developer from the Land of the Danes. He is the creator of WP Pusher and a huge travel addict, bringing his work along with him as he goes. About two months ago, I released my first commercial WordPress product, WP Pusher, a plugin that makes deploying themes and plugins really easy. WP Pusher was not meant to be “just a plugin”. It was supposed to be a SaaS product, and throughout it all, when I was building it, I always thought of it as a startup I was creating. For “just a WordPress plugin”, I think it has been quite successful so far, and to a large extent, I believe that to be a result of my own perception of the whole thing. I think it was more successful because, even after I realized it was just going to be a plugin, I still treated it as a startup. What Is a Startup? In the fall of 2014, I was traveling around Southeast Asia, enjoying the digital nomad lifestyle, while making WP Pusher. I spent quite a bit of time in Chiang Mai, the capital of digital nomads, and everyone was talking about a guy named Pieter Levels, who did all kinds of cool things, all related to digital nomadism. One of these things was
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