A few years ago, I was working on a WordPress theme that had some really cool features (if I can say that without sounding as if I’m bragging). The features were brainstormed by a team and gathered through feedback through a number of customers and users, and all were implemented over a long period of time. When the time came to actually release the theme, it proved to be worth it – it was well-received. As with any product, we then went into maintenance mode doing the usual round of fielding bug reports, features requests, and so on, and then continued maintaining the product with periodic releases in order to provide bug fixes, minor feature updates, and so on. Generally speaking, it was great. There was a lot to be proud of and things were going well. But, as with anything, things couldn’t continue on the up and up forever and during one of the releases, I neglected to remove a line of code that was intended only for the development environment. We shipped it. And it negatively affected all of the customers who applied the update. No Lack of Integrity (Let’s Fix This) Immediately, there was a, sinking feeling in the pit of my stomach. I’d like to think that anyone who really cares
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