Monday, Jeff Chandler published a post on WP Tavern called, “It’s Time For WordPress to Automatically Update Themes, Plugins, and Core by Default.” I have a huge amount of respect for Jeff and the WP Tavern team. I think they have a great handle on what is going on in the WordPress space and they are part of my daily rounds to keep up to date on WordPress as a product and community. But I think there is a huge component missing from the article on Monday that is a major argument against the idea of automatic updates to themes and plugins. WordPress Enterprise Enterprise is an area that is beginning to understand that WordPress is a viable solution in both website solutions and app platforms. However, there is still much work to be done from an image and PR perspective. There is still a lot to be done on a technology and development perspective as well. In my daily work, I am beginning to become a technical resource for answering more and more requests by enterprise level companies with questions about WordPress. Plugins scare them. Themes scare them. WordPress itself, scares them. Even fully custom themes and plugins scare them. While things being scary is not a reason not to do something
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