Over the weekend, the WordPress plugin directory implemented a major change that better reflects how popular a plugin is. The number of total downloads has been replaced with the number of active installs. While the numbers are not exact, they’re close enough to give people insight into usage. When it comes to reporting WordPress plugin security vulnerabilities, this is a welcome change. The active install numbers give the media a better idea on how many sites are potentially at risk. In addition to knowing the active installs for a given plugin, we can also see a breakdown of which versions are used. Using Outdated Versions of Plugins With Jetpack, we see that nearly 40% of sites use the latest version while the other 60% use an older version. Yoast SEO is split down the middle with 50% of sites using the latest version and the other combined 50% using an older version. Only a quarter of the sites using Contact Form 7 are using the most recent version, while nearly 75% combined are using an outdated version. For other plugins, the trend is the same. A majority of sites are using older versions of plugins. For all of the effort that goes into informing users to keep sites up to date
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