Last week Jason Schuller launched his Pickle WordPress theme on and the product is now available on Creative Market. Pickle is a restaurant theme that is packaged with a custom admin design to provide a seamless content-editing experience. Schuller’s decision to re-enter the WordPress theme market following the sale of Press75 came after several years of experimenting with alternative publishing platforms. In an interview with the Tavern last year, he expressed dissatisfaction with trying to make WordPress do what he wanted, which caused him to consider abandoning the platform entirely. Schuller found himself chronically at odds with WordPress’ limitations for scaling its complexity backwards to provide a more simplified publishing experience. Pickle was born out of this frustration. The theme reimagines the WordPress admin as an extension of the front-end design, with no abrupt transitions for editing content. Targeting a Wider Market Beyond WordPress At first glance, it might appear that the restaurant niche is a relatively small and limited market for a WordPress theme developer. However, if you check out, you’ll find no mention of WordPress among Pickle’s features.
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