With Jetpack 3.4, we’ve added new security features to protect your Jetpack-connected WordPress sites from bot net attacks. We’ve also taken some first steps to create a simplified interface for how you interact with Jetpack. Your WordPress, Secured. Brute force attacks are a growing concern for many website administrators. By integrating features from the WordPress plugin BruteProtect, along with other new tools, Jetpack Protect can help you take control of site security. Not only is your login protected from this common attack vector, but you can now scan your site for malicious code in Jetpack. A Centralized Experience Continuing Jetpack’s mission to bring feature parity between self-hosted WordPress sites and WordPress.com, you can manage security features from either your site’s dashboard or a central interface on WordPress.com. Locked out of your site from too many failed login attempts? You can whitelist your IP address in WordPress.com. Jump Start With the click of a button, you can immediately boost performance, security, and engagement to jump start your site with a curated set of Jetpack modules. This feature is tailored for those who are new to the plugin or new installation
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