Humans are a very visual species. We like to see things for what they are, but can also settle or compromise on something that’s perhaps less than what we wanted, or hoped for. Consider driving a car with no windows. Instead of windows, there’s a small screen that’s connected to a video camera that shows a live feed of the road ahead. Would you have fun driving, while staring at a screen? I think it would probably take the fun out of driving completely, wouldn’t you agree? We’re doing this same thing with WordPress, and the way that we put our words onto the web. We type into a small box, that (if the theme is properly coded) may give you a somewhat accurate depiction of what it will look like when it’s published. That’s honestly no fun at all. Introducing Lasso With storytelling being adopted by more and more companies for marketing, it’s no surprise that Aesop Story Engine, our free plugin for creating interactive stories in WordPress, is inching closer to 25K downloads, with over 2,000 active installs. However awesome we’ve made our plugin, it’s still limited to use within the backend of WordPress; within that small tiny box that serves as a rough representation of the world that’s
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