Imagine how many times you go back and forth between the WordPress administration area and the post or page just to make sure it looks good. That quickly adds up. If you preview a post 20 times before publishing, and you blog three days a week, that’s 24 hours a year spent previewing and reviewing. Blog daily? Double that figure. We can save you that time, and make the process incredibly fun by moving past the post editor completely, and instead editing content directly on the front-end. We can do this using a new, hyper-minimal editor that’s acts as a layer on top of your existing post or page content. No more wasting time previewing the post. Everything happens in real-time, right before your eyes. This new editor is called Lasso, and after nearly six months of development, it’s finally available. Lasso together with Aesop Story Engine provides an amazing front-end editing and story building experience. Lasso is a front-end editor and story builder plugin for WordPress. It’s designed to remove the friction created in the writing workflow, in addition to making content creation fun and entirely visual. The best part, is that it’s engineered to work with most WordPress themes, and their
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