Lasso is incredibly extensible for your own clients projects, and by default works on any post, page, or custom post type. Alternatively, by specifying a CSS class of the container where Lasso should work, it means you can use it pretty much anywhere. How it Works Lasso manipulates your post content directly. We don’t add additional markup or additional divs, and if you were to view the source you’d notice that it’s clean as a whistle. We’re using an HTML5 feature called contenteditable. This allows users to type directly into any div with that attribute, which means a live and direct manipulation of the HTML. This has its pros and cons. The best part is that it’s a true 1:1 match of the final product, and not a representation. The only caveat is that if there are additional HTML elements in the post container, it will save those as HTML as well. Most themes have a dedicated content container, so this shouldn’t be an issue. And, if it is an issue with a theme, it’s easy to get compatible with Lasso. Think of Lasso as part text-editor, part story builder. If you were to activate Lasso without Aesop Story Engine, it’s just a text editor. The drag and drop capabilities are there, but without
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