It’s no secret that at Pressidium, we’re on a mission to raise the bar in quality hosting. We don’t believe in making stuff complicated, when it can be a whole lot simpler. Why make it so difficult for customers to choose a quality hosting plan? It’s not rocket science, yet with the many options out there, you need a degree just to decipher it all. In our previous article, we tried to help our customers understand what we offer. We delved into what our Enterprise Architecture model means in plain English. We explained how it works, so you could get a rough understanding of the benefits. Today we’re stepping back a gear and looking at why you’d want Managed Hosting. Why should you choose it over standard hosting? How will it impact your website and what benefits do you gain from making that switch? Let’s begin by asking the first, fundamental question - what is managed WordPress hosting anyway? Why Choose Managed WordPress Hosting? Of course we’re biased. We think Managed WordPress hosting is the bees knees. Compared to budget solutions it makes sense. Yet it’s not always easy to see the benefits at first glance. Why shouldn't you just go for the cheapest option available? Regardless
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