Mastery is a fascinating topic. Anyone taking pride in what they do are constantly striving to improve. To improve their skill set just a little more — to get a little better, faster, or more precise. Yet, mastery of any discipline comes down to one thing: practice. Whether you play the violin or are just trying to get really good at FlappyBird, you will need to put in the time it takes to get there. Mastering WordPress is no different. Increasing your skill set to an exceptional level is hard work. However, there are good reasons to do so: WordPress has empowered thousands of people to take their careers into their own hands and make full-time incomes on their own terms, with a platform that is completely free and available to anyone. How awesome is that? Yet it gets even better: Not only is WordPress itself entirely free, but learning your way around it doesn’t have to cost a thing. On your road to mastering WordPress, you have access to a huge pool of resources that will help you become a kick-ass WordPress user and developer. The ones on this list are just the tip of the iceberg. Table of Contents 1. Getting started with WordPress WordPress tutorials for beginners Everybody has
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