My name is Waseem Abbas. I am a 22 year old boy currently working with Cloudways as WordPress Community Manager. Cloudways is a European Cloud Hosting Platform provider. It is a great exposure to work with the best marketers and developers of industry. I write content, interview WordPress folks, make SlideShares & infographics, follow WordCamp events virtually, join podcasts, attend webinas & hangouts, and do loads of fun with my colleagues and friends. When I started making websites and get to know about WordPress, I found it an easy approach to impress my clients with the amazing content management system. Everything is ready within a few clicks. You can get a reliable plugin for any functionality required by your clients. Anyhow the theme related to your project is available online. WordPress made my life easy. A customer once demanded me to integrate Nigerian Payment System for their fund collection website in Nigeria. I never thought about it. Paypal was my only options. But, in a few minutes I am able to do it with the help of a plugin. Life is much simpler when you are making websites with WordPress. These tricks are self-taught and they gave me the confidence to accept any kind
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