If you run a business in the WordPress ecosystem, then you’ve likely noticed business-oriented events over the last few years. Whether it’s business tracks at a WordCamp, Pressnomics, or the newest player – Prestige – they aim to educate a young ecosystem (most WordPress companies are pretty young) with the same generosity and care as the overall WordPress community is known for. It’s another way for people to give back. And boy do they. The speakers at this event were pure gold. And what they shared was worth ticket prices three times what people paid. But the goal isn’t about putting on an event to make tons of cash. It’s about helping the community mature. And there’s no question that it met that goal. Here’s my review of the good, the bad, and the amazing! The Good Stuff One of the neatest things I noticed was how many different people were involved in sharing information. This was helped by making it an event that lasted more than a single day. And panels also brought more people on the stage. The benefit of having that many voices share (without having multiple tracks and creating a need to choose which session to attend) is that you’ll eventually hear something you can apply
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